- Candidate Information -

Leigh Kenny has a strict registration policy and we will only present our clients with the best selection of professionals, therefore it is important that you read the following carefully prior to sending us your details.

Meeting our Requirements

Should you wish to register with us, we would require a minimum of two years experience working in private service. Your C.V. will need to be consistent and show that you have been with previous employer’s for long periods of time rather than short term.

Submitting your CV

The first impression we will have of you is your CV, so it is important to make sure that you provide us with an accurate and very detailed work history, laying out your current and past duties and responsibilities. We recommend that you obtain a DBS check or at least acknowledge acceptance that you are prepared to submit to such a check, should our client request it. If you are confident that you meet our requirements, please submit your CV to us. If your application is successful, you will be contacted by one of our consultants to discuss your requirements and to arrange registration with us in which you will be required to meet with us face to face.


References reflect on your capabilities and suitability as a domestic staff candidate and are also checked for security reasons. It is important to please ensure that you provide us with all of your written references and contact details of former employers so that we can carry out checks. We will be unable to introduce you to prospective employers until we have sufficient details of your reference details.

Identity Documents

All candidates will be required to submit their identity documents and must have the legal right to do so. We will require original passport and visa information.

The Registration Process

Please be prepared to meet our expectations by not being late and providing us with all the required documentation as requested.

Successful Candidates

Once we are confident that you have met all our requirements, your details will be saved to our database and you will be able to apply for positions listed on our Job Board. You will also be contacted by us whenever suitable positions become available.

Meeting Our Clients

It is our responsibility to promote you to our clients as the professional that you are. We would therefore expect you to represent our high standards. Once the time and place for the interview has been confirmed, you will be provided with full details on the location and an emergency contact number. We do not expect our candidates to be late, but if you do have any problems in finding an address or cannot arrive at the appointed time, please contact our office immediately.

The interview is also about establishing your needs and requirements. Be prepared to ask questions and to get a very clear picture of what the role involves and what is expected of you. Make constructive suggestions if this is appropriate; this also demonstrates to your potential employer that you are a professional and that you will be a valuable asset to their home.

Second Interviews

In some cases you will be expected to attend a second interview. This may be to either, finalise the agreement, or because you have been short-listed. This is the time to cover any issues that might not have been raised on your first interview.

Accepting a Position

If you have been successful in your interview, the employer will submit an offer, details of which will be provided to you. Once an offer has been made and accepted, you should subsequently receive a written contract confirming the particulars of your employment laying out the standard terms and conditions of your employment. Should you have any queries, or wish to make any changes, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.